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Recreational Program

Our Recreational Program is geared towards students who love to dance and are eager to explore the fundamentals of dance. Our Tiny Tot's program is a great introductory class for your toddlers. It is a great way to introduce and develop movement. Our recreational program also offers a range of classes for dancers 3-16 who want to develop and explore movement in different genres. We offer Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Acro, Ballet, and Contemporary. 


Enthusiastic discipline that focuses on technique, strength and flexibility


Understand different rhythms, sounds and musicality through the sounds of their feet


Urban style of dance that inspires movement, and musicality while allowing  dancers to let loose and have fun


Integrates acrobatic movements that focuses on flexibility, strength and control


Foundation of dance that teaches posture, elegance and grace through focus and discipline


Expressive style of dance that encourages unconventional and fluid movements that integrates ballet and jazz

Our Classes

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